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Hoop Hoop Hurray

On my website I have a growing collection of hoop earrings and recently added this pair of minimalist hoops with hanging calla lilies.

Calla Lily hoop earrings in 18k gold with diamonds

These hoops were fabricated by wrapping solid 18k gold wire around a round steel ring mandrel and gently hammering the wire slightly flat. The hoop has a slight taper for a comfortable fit and the ends are looped to catch the wire. These hoops can be worn with or without the Calla Lily drops.

This style of hoop earrings are lighter and have a more boho vibe than my other classic hoop styles.

The first hoop earrings originated around 2500 B.C. The ancient people of Africa from Nubia (now Sudan) were some of the first people in the world to wear hoops.

In 1500 B.C. both Egyptian men and women wore hoop earrings. They believed hoops enhanced a persons beauty and were made using twisted gold wire and beads. Heavy gold hoops symbolized wealth and power.

The discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922 renewed the idea of gold hoop earrings symbolizing power and aristocracy.

Hoops greatly appeal to me because the circle has always been a timeless design element. Hoop earrings encircle the ear and catch the light so that they look great at any angle.

Read about how I styled these minimalist hoops with pearls here.

All of the jewelry on this website is created by me in my studio on the seacoast of NH.

I hand fabricate my jewelry in silver, 22k and 18k gold with precious gemstones.

I am a Graduate Gemologist from GIA and have been making jewelry for over 20 years.


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