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7 Interesting Facts About Garnets

Garnet and diamond earrings in 18k gold
Custom Garnet Earrings (sold)

When I say garnet, do you see red? Probably. But below, I'll give you 7 facts about garnet you may not have known.

1. Garnets are a group of silicate minerals that have different chemical compositions and come in all different colors with red being the most common.

2. Garnet sand is used as abrasives in some industries.

3. It is the birthstone of January and the gem for the second anniversary.

4. In ancient Rome garnets were carved and used as signet rings to stamp wax seals.

5. The name garnet is derived from the Latin “ granatus” meaning “seed” most likely a reference to the seeds of the pomegranate fruit.

6. It is believed that garnets have the power to shield their wearers from harm.

7. Green Demantoid garnets and mandarin orange garnets were discovered in the 19th century and have become highly prized and sought after.

Pictured here is a custom designed January birthday gift I made using demantiod garnets.

garnet and diamond custom dangle earrings
Custom Demantoid Garnet Earrings

This ring is made with a rhodolite garnet encased in 22k gold and sterling silver. It is available in my shop here.

garnet ring in 22k gold and silver
Rhodolite Garnet Ring in 22k Gold and Sterling Silver

18k gold earrings with mandarin garnets
Mini Mandarin Garnet Stud Earrings in 18k

18k gold and diamond demantoid garnet earrings
Demantoid Garnets and Diamond Earrings

Demantoid Garnet Earrings are available in my shop.

If you are interested in a custom garnet piece feel free to contact me.

New garnet earrings in silver and 18k gold.


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