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What are Demantoid Garnets?

demantoid garnet earrings
Demantoid garnet earrings in solid 18k yellow gold

Demantoid garnets are gems that were discovered in 1868 in Russia's Ural Mountains. The Russian miners began comparing these green garnets to diamonds and referred to them as "demantoid", from the French demant, meaning diamond. Demantoids are very brilliant and have a significant flash of color and fire. This is due to their high dispersion or optical properties. Being a green variety of garnet these gems with intense colors can be highly valued.

18k gold earrings with green garnets
Constructing earrings in 18k gold

All of the jewelry on this website is hand-fabricated by me using traditional goldsmithing techniques. I am a Graduate Gemologist from GIA and have an extensive collection of quality gemstones that I use in my jewelry creations. My studio is located on the seacoast of New Hampshire. Please visit my online shop to see my range of work.

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