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A Perfect Pear

Pears are one of the world's oldest cultivated fruits. They belong to the rosaceous family, being a close "cousin" of the apple. The versatile and delicate flavor of the pear is used from appetizers to entrees to deserts all around the world.

The USDA annually recognizes the pear declaring the month of December as National Pear Month. ( from USA Pears)

In many cultures throughout the world the pear symbolizes sustenance, abundance and longevity. In Christianity the pear symbols the Virgin and Child. In art history the shape of the pear represents the female form.

Pears have long been an inspiring still-life subject for ancient and modern artists.

pear earrings with yellow sapphires

18k Golden Pear Earrings with Yellow Sapphires. link to shop

These unique 18k earrings are carved from solid gold and each earring contains a bright yellow 2.5mm sapphire.

Blown Glass Pear by artist Jordana Korsen.

Jordana is a juried member of the NH League of Craftsman and shows her work in dozens of galleries and shops including the Museum of Glass in Corning. She is the founder of

Velvety Anjou pear and crisp apple are blended with crushed lemon leaves, and hints of peony infused with white musk and amber. One of the longest lasting candles I have used.

freshwater pearl earrings in 18k gold

Freshwater Pearls with 18k gold leaves. Inspired by the pearls pear shape I fabricated a simple leaf detail to complete the design of these elegant earrings.

The pear shaped glass dish was gifted to me. You can find a similar one here.

All of my jewelry is handmade by me in my studio on the seacoast of NH. I specialize in ancient goldsmithing techniques and love to incorporate precious colored gemstones into my designs. Click here to join my email list.


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