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Beyond the Diamond: Thinking Outside the Box for Your Engagement Ring

When you think of an engagement, you may think of a beautiful love story and a sparkling diamond ring. Yet, not all engagement rings are created equally. Right now, the trend is all about going beyond the diamond. Here’s everything you need to know about having a designer engagement ring.

The history of the engagement ring

The engagement ring, and specifically the diamond engagement ring, doesn’t have as romantic of a history as you might believe. Engagement rings were originally seen as a way to designate ownership. Placing a ring on your fourth finger on your left hand as a woman demonstrated that you belonged to someone. The fourth finger on the right hand was selected as the ring finger because it’s the only one of the hand that has a vein leading to the heart. Engagement rings started out as a simple gold band that symbolized both ownership and wealth. As diamonds became more prevalent and indicated luxury and exclusivity, they also became the “must have” for an engagement ring. Specifically after a large supply was found in South Africa, companies began to market them as the stone for engagement rings.

What other stones you might consider

While the classic diamond is always a great choice, there are other stones that may better suit your personal style. Sapphires and rubies, in particular, are popular choices today. In fact, in the 1980s, Princess Diana of the British Royal Family, made headlines when she selected a sapphire ring for her engagement ring. These colorful stones are modern and allow you to add a more unique and personal touch to your ring design. Sapphires and rubies are highly valued, rarer than diamonds, and durable to wear. You’ll have something beautiful and exceptional that you love.

sapphire rings
Unique Custom Engagement Rings by Lia Gormley

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?

While you might not hear the saying “Sapphires are a girl’s best friend” or “Rubies are a girl’s best friend,” these stones provide similar aesthetics to the traditional diamond engagement rings. Having something you’re happy with is ultimately what you should consider when designing your engagement ring.

If diamonds aren’t your favorite stone, or you were born in the months of July or September and wish to feature your birthstone, or you just want something more colorful, these are all good reasons to challenge the convention of choosing a diamond. Brides, after all, can have what they want for their forever ring! While equally beautiful and precious, diamonds aren’t your only option. If you like to be different and want something that is uniquely yours, thoughtfully consider your gemstone choice and then reach out to a designer and gemologist for a consultation.

Where to find something different

If you find yourself in need of something a little bit different in the seacoast region of New Hampshire, Lia Gormley Fine Jewelry is an ideal choice for custom engagement rings in Portsmouth. Lia is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and accomplished Goldsmith, two key ingredients to ensuring an exquisite choice in gems and the craftsmanship to design and fabricate your one-of-a-kind ring.

Click here to contact Lia about a custom ring made special for you.


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