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Inspiration: Migration Swirls

Last October, I visited the Navajo Nation region of the great Southwest. One of the highlights of the trip was going to Monument Valley and seeing up close the ancient petroglyphs etched into the stone monuments jutting out of the desert.

Ancient petroglyphs carved into the great stone monuments inside Monument Valley

In particular, I was inspired by the spiral designs which hold many meanings across many cultures. These spirals can represent life's journey, or the migration of these ancient tribes.

Spiral petroglyphs

After the trip I began incorporating this concept in some of my newer designs. I wanted to use the symbolism to represent your own journey and hope that these designs inspire you to contemplate how far you've come and what more may be ahead for you.

Our Navajo (Dineh) guide inside Monument Valley, pointing out the petroglyphs and their meaning

This Migration Pendant inspired by my trip is available in my shop. This pendant represents past, present and future travels on life's journey. Click here to purchase.

18k gold and diamond pendant
Migration Pendant


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