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Instagram Round Up

Best of 2020

Today on the blog I’m sharing my favorite Instagram images from 2020.

I included a few of my favorite custom pieces and jewelry images that have a special meaning to me.

  1. I’ve never worked with jade before. The glossy luster on this gemstone is special.

  2. Emma, my model is a very talented yoga instructor and has her own yoga studio The Yoga Parlor.

  3. The classical S chain is a one of the first pieces I made in my collection. I own one and wear it almost everyday.

  4. The Victorian heart locket is hiding somewhere in my studio. If I don’t find it soon I will create a new one. It has an interesting locking mechanism that was fun to make.

  5. The petite diamond ring resting on top of the pink sapphire is an 18k gold version of a platinum wedding ring I made for my niece. Link to ring for sale here.

  6. An assignment from Kent Raible’s Architecture of A Ring online class. One of the best classes I’ve ever taken.

  7. A custom ring I did for The League of NH Craftsmen Meredith Fine Craft Gallery. This all came together so nicely.

  8. A picture of two rings with beautiful gems taken with my iPhone. ( I usually take photos with my dslr camera)

  9. I was so flattered when a friend of mine ( with impeccable taste) bought these turtle earrings for herself!


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