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Jewelry Materials: 18K Gold

18k gold handmade pendants with different gemstones and diamonds
22k Gold, 18k Gold and Platinum Jewelry

Lia's best known for her 18 karat gold jewelry. While Lia enjoys working with Silver and Platinum, almost all of Lia's work is made with 18K gold. Lia does not work with 14K gold and the following information may be helpful to you in better understanding the differences with these two gold "grades".

14K gold vs 18K gold

From a purely statistical level, 14K gold is made up of 58% pure gold. This is based on 24K as our foundation for defining pure gold. The balance of materials in 14K gold are known as alloys. On the other hand, 18K gold has substantially more pure gold, coming in at 75% pure gold and 25% alloys. Usually the gold you see in jewelry stores in the U.S. is 14k gold that has been plated to look more yellow. That is a jewelry standard with 14k gold.

Despite some popular beliefs, 18K gold is very durable. Generally, 18K gold wears very well and durably, but like anything more precious, some care is certainly encouraged. You'll also notice 18K gold has a richer, warmer gold color. And finally, you'll feel a tangible difference in the "weightiness" of 18K gold versus 14K gold.

dragonfly earrings and necklace handmade in 18k gold with a purple sapphire and diamonds
18K gold, diamonds, pearls and sapphire pendant with matching 18k gold and diamond earrings

Lia's preference for 18K gold is part of her passion for creating heirloom quality jewelry with intrinsic natural value. As a hand-fabricator of jewelry from 18K gold sheet and wire, part of the allure Lia has is an homage to history and the traditions of jewelry making. The malleability of 18k makes for an ideal metal to hand fabricate her intricate jewelry designs while maintaining a durable structure.

22K gold

While we're on the subject of high karat gold, Lia also commonly uses 22K gold (92% pure gold). Lia will sometimes use 22K for her bezels (the part that encircles a gemstone to hold it in place). Additionally, Lia employs a difficult technique called granulation, and uses 22K gold for this. Granulation is the process of making tiny "beads" of gold and placing them into the design.

22k gold pendant with diamond
22k Gold Pendant

Finally, the gold you choose is yours to make and you deserve quality materials. Lia only works with 18K gold or higher, so please keep that in mind if you're looking for a unique, handmade ring or other jewelry from Lia. Visit the contact page if you would like to inquire about a custom design.


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