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May Birthstone: Emerald

Facts and thoughts on May's magical green gemstone...

Loose Emerald I'm about to set in this Bezel
An Emerald I'm preparing to make a bezel setting for

Emeralds are among the most beautiful gems in the world, but they are a difficult stone to work with due to their many inclusions (fragments of other minerals embedded in the stone during its formation). This makes them more prone to breakage and why a high quality Emerald can be very expensive.

As a GIA Graduate Gemologist, I am trained to assess the condition, color and overall quality of the Emeralds I select for my work (like the one above in the picture). I am lucky to align with quality gem dealers that source some of the most exquisite stones available to jewelers. Once in my studio, I enjoy studying the gem carefully using my gemological microscope.

Emerald Quick Facts:

Variety: Beryl

Hardness: 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale

Durability: Delicate


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