Re-setting your gemstones

Many of my customers come to me with their own gemstones. These are most often gems that are set in jewelry handed down by a parent or grandparent. Stylistically, the customer is looking for a fresh design but wants to use these special stones. Most commonly, these are diamonds.

Diamonds removed from a customer's piece of jewelry

From here, the customer selects one of my designs to re-set the gemstones. First, I'll examine the stones using my professional gemstone microscope. I'm looking for any structural concerns as any time you heat stones during the making process there is always a chance that the gem could fracture. Keep this in mind as not all gemstones are equal and these things do happen. In my experience, it is quite rare to encounter any problems, but it does occur, even if a flaw isn't immediately recognized. The process is delicate and I aim to avoid these issues.

Customer's diamonds being set into one of my 18K gold ring designs

This process brings me great joy, as I know I am making a piece of jewelry that is unique but also holds special sentimental value for the customer.

Hand-fabricated 18K gold and diamond ring using my customer's own stones

If you have jewelry or gemstones that you would like to incorporate into a new custom design, whether that be an engagement ring, wedding ring or any piece of jewelry, please come to my downtown Portsmouth, NH studio and jewelry store for a consultation and to look over my designs. We can discuss ideas for your design and what kind of piece you are looking for. If you like, you can also add an appointment to my calendar for a private meeting in my studio gallery.



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