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Ten Interesting Facts About Turquoise!

1. It is the traditional birthstone for December and the gemstone for the 11th anniversary.

2. Turquoise is among the first gems to be mined.

3. It is only found in dry barren regions.

4. Turquoise is a little harder than window glass and is ideal for carving.

5. The presence of dark veins called matrix can lower the value but some people actually prefer the matrix for it's contrasting design.

6. Turquoise is the national gem for Tibet.

7. Turquoise is derived from the French expression "pierre tourques" or "Turkish stone".

8. It is an opaque blue-green mineral that is hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum.

9. Ancient people believed Turquoise represented wisdom, tranquility and protection.

10. Buried in ancient tombs Turquoise is among the world's oldest jewelry.

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